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Clinical Appearance of Benign Sinonasal Masses
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A 28 year old female was seen with complaints of left-sided nasal obstruction.  The CT scan showed a hypodense mass in the left nasal cavity attached to the septum and left lateral nasal wall with collection in the left ethmoid and frontal sinuses.  

The diagnostic nasal endoscopy showed some interesting findings.  On primary inspection it resembled a nodular stage of rhinoscleroma, but on suctioning the mass exposed multiple papillae which comprised the mass.  The mass was removed by endoscopic approach.

Figure 1:  Intranasal  Appearance of an Everted Papilloma  Click on Pictures to Enlarge

Figure 2:  Coronal CT Scan of an Everted Papilloma 
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The histopathology showed multiple complex branching patterns having fibrovascular, core-typifying exophytic patterns. Papillae were lined by multilayered epithelium that contained both squamoid and transitional epithelium with occasional mucoytes. Fibrous stroma showed mononuclear infiltration.



Figure 3:  Histological Appearance 
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